Internships in EU companies for managers

The EU funded project “Management Training Programme (MTP) – Capacity building for SME management in Uzbekistan” (hereafter the Project) announces a call for applications for internships in EU companies designed for managers working in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Uzbekistan from June, 22 to July, 22, 2015. The internships will take place in the companies located in 28 countries of the European Union, which can be selected by the participants and/or MTP Project based on mutual agreement.

The participation in trainings and internships of MTP Project is free of charge for all the selected participants. All the expenses related to travel costs (each participant is required to contribute 400 Euro to the flight ticket cost), including accommodation in European Union countries, visa, insurance are covered by MTP Project.

Participation terms:

For SMEs:
1. Functioning at least in one of the eligible economy sectors identified by the project;
2. 100% private ownership of the SME (minimum 80% of the equity belongs to Uzbekistan citizens)
3. Staff Headcount of minimum 5 persons and maximum 200 persons;
4. Have fulfilled obligations to tax authorities.

For their managers:
1. University Degree;
2. General working experience of minimum 4 years
3. Experience in managerial positions — minimum 2 years;
4. Possess Middle to Top level managerial position with at least 3 people reporting to her/him
5. Good command of English (or of the language spoken in future host EU country/company);
6. Good communication and presentation skills;
7. Good computer and internet skills.

ONLY the SMEs and their managers which meet the eligibility criteria can apply for internships:

* If the candidate has already participated in similar internships abroad within the framework of technical assistance programs during last 6 years, he/she cannot participate in this selection.

Following are the additional documents to be submitted in addition to the application form:

1. An original application form with signature and stamp;
2. An organizational chart of your company;
3. A booklet about your company or a short presentation in PowerPoint;
4. Invitation from a European Union company (if available);
5. Candidate’s CV (in Russian and English);
6. Registration certificate of the company and latest version of statutory document;
7. Certificate confirming that the company does not have any obligations against tax authorities;
8. Certificate from HR department of the company confirming the number of employees;
9. Copy of passport of the candidate;
10. Copy of the university diploma;
11. Certificate(s) proving the general working experience of minimum 4 years (copy of Τrudovaya knijka);
12. Certificate from HR department of the company confirming the managerial position of the candidate with the number of people reporting to the candidate (at least 3 people reporting to her/him).

Applications from eligible candidates are accepted during 22 June 2015 — 22 July 2015. Application forms must be filled via online application system at

Interested managers can reach to detailed information on how to apply for the internships programme by

Projects web-site ,

and by tel: 8-371-2335901, 8-371-1506006 or by e-mail

Our address: cab#206/1, “Management Training Programme” Project office, avenue 4, Amir Temur Street, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, 100047, Tashkent, Uzbekistan